Another fun project with the guys from Aixsponza where i was responsible for the cloth simulation.
To be able to fully artdirect our cloth simulation, we developed a system that mixes keyframed animation with simulation using the grain solver. 
Client: NIKE EHQ, Europe 
Project Manger: Ingeborg de Boer
Producer: Cornelie De Kroes
Brand Design NIKE EHQ: Helen Stergios, Stephen Owen and Joep Pingen
Creative Director: Christian Tyroller
Producer @ Aix: Anne Tyroller

Artists Motion: Manuel Casasola Merkle, Leo Akinbiyi, Moritz Schwind, Lisa Schlichtner, Lars Korb, Maruisz Becker, Simon Fiedler, Lukas Eberle, Stefan Voigt, Christo Hatzigiakoumis, Christian Lachenschmidt, Luigi Salemme, Mark Fancher

Artists Still: Maruisz Becker, Simon Fiedler