Jointly created with the Nike Brand Design team, the MercurialX Summer 2016 campaign for NikeFootballX brings to life the concept of ‘Speed Remixed’ by fusing the rebellious nature of street racing with the high energy of small sided football. The film connects the two unique cultures by portraying the MercurialX boot side by side with its ‘supercar’ avatar in a fast moving, coordinated tag team edit.

Art Director at Nike Brand Design: David Chen
Creative Direction: Village Green

CGI Animation: Simon Fiedler, Bastian J. Schiffer, Martin Pajak
Additional CGI Modelling: Rich Jones, Barney Morgan, Ben Koppel
3D Scanning: Holger Biebrach

Sound Design: Resonate
Making of
Below, there's a quick breakdown of the work we did on the new Nike MercurialX spot.